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tinkerBOY DPI Adapter v1.0: Gettting Started Guide

Method 1: Download my pre-built RetroPie image.

Method 2: Manual

Edit the config.txt and copy/paste the following lines:

Save the file.

The tinkerBOY DPI Adapter v1.0 uses a custom overlay for the DPI interface. Download this file, unzip and place the dpi18_666.dtbo file inside the overlays folder in the boot partition of the sdcard where the config.txt is also located.

That’s it for the settings.



7 thoughts on “tinkerBOY DPI Adapter v1.0: Gettting Started Guide

  1. What exactly is the function of the DPI adapter? Other builds I’ve seen don’t incorporate this unit, but I trust your judgement.

    1. Let me just copy and paste my answer from my reply in a similar question from my Facebook page.

      It’s a good question! 😊 The are 3 types of display that we use on our GBZ builds:

      1. The most common is the composite screen like the 3.5″ car monitor and the GearBest Screen that are available everywhere. It’s probably ok for most GBZ builds but it is still composite. It’s prone to noise and interference, it’s old technology. But at least it’s better than RF signal like on older game consoles like the Famicom. haha.
      2. Another available displays are SPI screens which are slow and laggy.
      3. HDMI like the kedei screen with high resolutions but it’s a bit harder to use with GBZ builds and also a bit slow and laggy.

      Luckily the Pi has this display interface called DPI (PARALLEL DISPLAY INTERFACE) by which you can directly drive or use an RGB LCD like the LQ035NC111. This means the display is fast and pictures are clearer. No flickering and noise.

      I made this DPI ADAPTER since there’s currently no available one to take advantage of this DPI.

  2. The GearBest screen is the LQ035NC111 right? Or do I need to get a different screen?

    1. this adapter is meant for the LQ035 screen, yes

  3. Do you have spec or aliaxpres link for your power inductor 6r8. I accidently broke mine. Tx

    1. You use this one.

      1. Do you have release date for you power switch yet?

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