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Getting Started Guide for tinkerBOY Controller V3.0

UPDATE: Download a pre-built RetroPie image with software and settings already installed.

I designed the tinkerBOY Controller V3.0 from scratch so you can easily build your own Game Boy Zero or Game Boy 3. It’s a big upgrade from my other controller boards like the v2.0 and v2.2. and all the components I used are USB based in order to minimize wire connections.

The board is already pre-programmed as a USB gamepad and supports two analog joysticks that can be easily enabled via command line on the Raspberry Pi or on Windows PC or Mac.

Building your own Game Boy Zero for the first time is a bit confusing sometimes, especially for beginners without any prior knowledge of electronics. So I’m hoping this page will help you get started with your new tinkerBOY Controller v3.0.

Wiring Guides:

Software Configuration Guides:

Recommended DMG Case Mod:

You can download the 6-Button Template and print it in its actual size. If you’re printing it from Chrome uncheck the “Fit to page” from the “Scale” option.


8 thoughts on “Getting Started Guide for tinkerBOY Controller V3.0

  1. Where can I find 3D printed parts to hold the screen and close the GameBoy Zero shut.

    1. This is the one i used for most of my previous Game Boy Zero builds

  2. Hi, how do I wire normal up down left right buttons?

    1. What do you mean? The v3 is usb based so controller inputs are taken cared via usb.

  3. can you wire a 5 pin volume wheel to this board?

    1. Yes sure.

  4. Hi, what are the data pin numbers for the raspberry pi 3 a+? Many thanks.

  5. I’m getting no gamepad detected can you tell me how to wire this board to the 3b+

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