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Setting Up USB Audio As The Default Sound Output

This guide will help you setup the USB Audio on the tinkerBOY Controller V3.0 as the default sound output device in RetroPie.

Assuming you’ve already followed the wiring guide and connected your v3.0 board to a Raspberry Pi, login via SSH or connect a keyboard and hit F4 to go to the command line.

First, check if  usb audio is detected by typing:

cat /proc/asound/modules

Output should be something like:

pi@retropie:~ $ cat /proc/asound/modules
0 snd_bcm2835 – This is the builtin sound device in Raspberry Pi.
1 snd_usb_audio – This is the USB Audio you need to setup as the default sound device.
pi@retropie:~ $

Now create a file by typing:

sudo nano etc/asound.conf

Paste the following:

Finally, save the file by CTRL + X, press Y, and press ENTER.

Reboot by typing sudo reboot. You should be able to play sound from your v3.0 board.

6 thoughts on “Setting Up USB Audio As The Default Sound Output

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  2. What combination of buttons does the volume control?

    1. You can setup any buttons you want for the volume control by editing the retroarch.cfg file.

  3. Hello,

    I think its :

    sudo nano /etc/asound.conf

    to create the file

  4. After I enter this, anytime I open a game or setting, it’s saying hw:1 doesn’t exist. Did I miss something?

    1. Already resolved via email.

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