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How to Wire the Analog Joysticks

By default, both of the analog joysticks on the tinkerBOY Controller v3.0 are disabled but you can enable or disable one or both by following How to Enable or Disable Analog Joysticks.

Here’s how to wire the PSP1000 Analog Stick:

5 thoughts on “How to Wire the Analog Joysticks

  1. Hi
    I already ordered the tinkerBOY Controller V3.0, i’m excited to get it 😉
    Any advice to how fix the Analog Joysticks on the Controller V3.0 ?

    1. What do you mean “how to fix”?

  2. Sorry for this confusion, i mean the literal meaning 😉 how to (implant, embed) the analog Joysticks on the Controller V3.0 to feat on the DMG case? any advice ?

    1. I usually place the psp1000 joystick just below the dpad.

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