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Volume Wheel Wiring Diagram for tinkerBOY Controller V3.0

Before you wire a 3-pin volume wheel make sure you disable the “Digital Volume” setting on your tinkerBOY Controller v3.0.

10 thoughts on “Volume Wheel Wiring Diagram for tinkerBOY Controller V3.0

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  2. Can the direction of the wheel be changed? I have the volume wheel mounted on the screen side of the game boy. This means that scrolling the wheel down increases the volume and scrolling it up decreases the volume. I would like it the other way around if possible without having to mount it to the other side and run more wires across as I like where it is mounted.

    1. change gnd and in to change the direction

  3. Hi, my volume wheel has 5 pins but the 3.0 controllers seems to only support 3 pins. Would I need to purchase an three pinned volume wheel?

    1. Yes you can use the 5-pin volume wheel with the v3.

      1. Hello Tinker Boy! i just got you AIO Board just yesterday (greetings from germany btw :))
        and i only have a 5 pin Volume Wheel, you already commented that it is possible to use it anyway on the V3.
        But how do i connect the wheel to the board? do i have to join some pins together?

        1. The 5pin volume wheel has 2 channels but just choose one.
          b103 5pin

          For example in the picture, connect CHRin to v3’s IN and CHRout to v3’s OUT.

  4. Is there a need for a pam8302a? Just curious if it would make a difference or if this is already implemented in the board.

    1. No there’s no need for any amplifier. The usb audio chip already has a built in audio amp.

  5. I use your Tinkerboy v3 with Recalbox and even if the volume wheel is down in minimum, I can ear the sound. How can I solve my problem?
    Then, when I connect my headset to the jack, I can ear the sound from the principal speaker and from my headset. Have you a solution, please?

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