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Volume Wheel Wiring Diagram for tinkerBOY Controller V3.0

Before you wire a 3-pin volume wheel make sure you disable the “Digital Volume” setting on your tinkerBOY Controller v3.0.

10 thoughts on “Volume Wheel Wiring Diagram for tinkerBOY Controller V3.0

  1. Can the direction of the wheel be changed? I have the volume wheel mounted on the screen side of the game boy. This means that scrolling the wheel down increases the volume and scrolling it up decreases the volume. I would like it the other way around if possible without having to mount it to the other side and run more wires across as I like where it is mounted.

    1. change gnd and in to change the direction

  2. Hi, my volume wheel has 5 pins but the 3.0 controllers seems to only support 3 pins. Would I need to purchase an three pinned volume wheel?

    1. Yes you can use the 5-pin volume wheel with the v3.

      1. Hello Tinker Boy! i just got you AIO Board just yesterday (greetings from germany btw :))
        and i only have a 5 pin Volume Wheel, you already commented that it is possible to use it anyway on the V3.
        But how do i connect the wheel to the board? do i have to join some pins together?

        1. The 5pin volume wheel has 2 channels but just choose one.
          b103 5pin

          For example in the picture, connect CHRin to v3’s IN and CHRout to v3’s OUT.

  3. Is there a need for a pam8302a? Just curious if it would make a difference or if this is already implemented in the board.

    1. No there’s no need for any amplifier. The usb audio chip already has a built in audio amp.

  4. I use your Tinkerboy v3 with Recalbox and even if the volume wheel is down in minimum, I can ear the sound. How can I solve my problem?
    Then, when I connect my headset to the jack, I can ear the sound from the principal speaker and from my headset. Have you a solution, please?

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