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Pro Micro: Arduino Pinout

Arduino pinout guide for the Pro Micro:

Here’s How to Program the Pro Micro with Arduino.

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4 thoughts on “Pro Micro: Arduino Pinout

  1. Thanks for the guides! Just one question: How do I wire this directly to a raspberry pi 3?

    1. Take a look at the last picture at for usb data pins on the Pi3.

  2. hi
    I’m pretty new in Arduino, so sorry ahead if this is a dumb question:
    – as I see from code, all “digital” buttons should be connected “normally open” to GND, correct?
    – how to connect analog potentiometers? GND-vs-A0, and GND-vs-A1?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Initially all buttons shouldn’t be connected to anything (open). It’s only when you push a button that needs gnd connection.

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