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Raspberry Pi: Downmixing From Stereo to Mono Sound Output

First, let’s choose which device to use. Enter the command cat /proc/asound/modules to list all available sound devices whether it’s a PWM audio or USB sound device.

The command you just entered should output something like:

0 snd_bcm2835 << this is the PWM audio I configured on GPIO18 & GPIO13.
1 snd_usb_audio << this is my USB sound device.

Enter the command sudo nano /etc/asound.conf and paste the following code:

Change the N on the line slave.pcm "hw:N" to  the number that corresponds to the audio device you want to use. I will be using my USB audio device so mine should read slave.pcm "hw:1".

The above code uses both left and right audio input to output to LEFT channel. If you want the output to the RIGHT then you can just edit the line 8 – 14 to:

# Copy both input channels to output channel 1 (Right).
0.1 1
1.1 1
# Send nothing to output channel 0 (Left).
0.0 0
1.0 0

Restart ALSA by sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart or you can reboot your Raspberry Pi using sudo reboot.

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