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Wiring Guide for Game Boy Controller v1.1

The pwm audio on the Pi Zero is horrible and noisy so you probably be needing a low/high pass filter too.

For the controllers, you can visit GPIO Button Guide for Game Boy Controller v2.0 / v2.1.

Additional Parts You May Need:

10 thoughts on “Wiring Guide for Game Boy Controller v1.1

  1. Is the audio that bad? and where i can get that filter? and if u can give me link to it on aliexpress. (Easy to order from aliexpress for me)

    1. Yes and you really need a filter but I don’t think there’s any available low pass filter module alone. You might be interested with my v2.0 board with builtin amp and filter.

      1. i found on sudomod forum some filters build from resistors and capacitors. But can u send me wiring guide how to put that into this schematic for PCB 1.0?

  2. Does it work even if i dont wire the headphone jack?

    1. Yes controller inputs should work even without a headphone jack.

  3. Does this fit in a regular DMG (original gameboy) case?

    1. Yes it’s designed specifically for the DMG case.

  4. Does this work with the DPI Adapter?

    1. No as this controller board is intended for a GPIO oriented setup.

  5. How does pw1 and pep differ from the 5v outputs? I have wiring set up to power my raspberry pi directly. Rather than using the gpio pins

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