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Wiring Guide for Game Boy Controller v1.1

The pwm audio on the Pi Zero is horrible and noisy so you probably be needing a low/high pass filter too.

For the controllers, you can visit GPIO Button Guide for Game Boy Controller v2.0 / v2.1.

Additional Parts You May Need:

7 thoughts on “Wiring Guide for Game Boy Controller v1.1

  1. Is the audio that bad? and where i can get that filter? and if u can give me link to it on aliexpress. (Easy to order from aliexpress for me)

    1. Yes and you really need a filter but I don’t think there’s any available low pass filter module alone. You might be interested with my v2.0 board with builtin amp and filter.

      1. i found on sudomod forum some filters build from resistors and capacitors. But can u send me wiring guide how to put that into this schematic for PCB 1.0?

  2. Does it work even if i dont wire the headphone jack?

    1. Yes controller inputs should work even without a headphone jack.

  3. Does this fit in a regular DMG (original gameboy) case?

    1. Yes it’s designed specifically for the DMG case.

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