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Testing out my DPI Adapter for Raspberry Pi Zero and 3

Update: tinkerBOY DPI Adapter v1.0 now available!

I just got my DPI Adapter a few days ago and have been testing it earlier. I made this one to make it easier to use a DPI screen for Game Boy Zero and Game Boy 3 projects. It works on both the Pi Zero and Pi 3. There’s a builtin backlight driver but im still waiting for parts to finish it

This one is designed specifically for a commonly used 3.5″ lcd for GBZ/3.

3 thoughts on “Testing out my DPI Adapter for Raspberry Pi Zero and 3

  1. […] finally had time to populate and test my DPI adapter prototype which will be included as part of my all-in-one board for Game Boy Zero / 3. So far it’s […]

    1. any update for the availlability of this wonderfull product?

      Idea about the price?

      I just received my 3.5 composite screen :p

  2. Do you think that this part could help?

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