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DPI Adapter + Game Boy Controller = AIO

Update: tinkerBOY DPI Adapter v1.0 now available!

I finally had time to populate and test my DPI adapter prototype which will be included as part of my all-in-one board for Game Boy Zero / 3. So far it’s working fine. The DPI screen looks way better than composite.

I actually built a Game Boy 3 using just a simple FPC breakout board for doing the DPI connections but it was very difficult to make it work. Obviously because of all the wires I soldered to the Pi which are prone to interference. But I managed to make it work anyway. So I made a prototype to make it easier to use a DPI screen.

The AIO board will be compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero and Pi 3. Both will have sdcard access from the “CONTRAST” area of the Game Boy case.

8 thoughts on “DPI Adapter + Game Boy Controller = AIO

  1. It looks great will you be selling it as a kit or just parts and with your new board will any soldering be involved Building the kit or just Plug in place and if you are selling it as a kit what will be the cost

    1. I think i will be doing two boards. One AIO board with built-in dpi adapter and another board but just the DPI adapter. I’m sure about pricing yet but you can follow me at for updates.

      1. will def buy the aio board with dpi adapter build in 😀

      2. When will with the AIO board with built-in dpi adapter be available? I am planning on making a very large purchase from your store and I will wait for this board if I must.

  2. Hi Tinkerboy, this looks great.
    How is the picture quality of this screens, a lot better than the composite screens i think?
    Any idea when they will be for sale and what will the price be?
    Will you be selling complete kits (screen and buttons)?

    1. Picture quality is way better than composite.

      You can subscribe to my facebook page at for updates.

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