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Screen Wiring Guide for Game Boy Controller v2.0, v2.1, v1.1

Adding a separate GND wire for the video (yellow wire) is optional but recommended. Diagram assumes you are using a screen that works on 5V power like the GearBest Screen.

8 thoughts on “Screen Wiring Guide for Game Boy Controller v2.0, v2.1, v1.1

  1. Hi,
    Where does the av1 (white) from the screen go?
    How are you connecting a 2nd ground from the screen pcb? Isn’t it common, can I just loop it from where ever?

    1. You can find the screen wiring guide at Just find any common gnd from the pcb screen and connect to any gnd on the board.

  2. Is there a way of controlling the brightness on this screen?

    1. No sorry there’s no way to control screen brightness.

  3. Hello do you know a screen that doesn’t use AV interface?

    On my tinkerboard I have only HDMI,MIPI DSI or SPI.

    the HDMI screen I use is to gib to feet correctly in the DMG case.

    1. The only hdmi screen i know is the KEDEI 3.5″ screen.

  4. Can you show a wiring diagram for a pi 3b

    1. For pi 3b the yellow or white wire from the screen goes to PP24 on the back side of the pi 3b.

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