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Raspberry Pi 3: Wire It Directly From The Power Supply

In order to avoid power related issues with any of the Raspberry Pi 3 model, it is recommended to just directly power it from your power supply (PowerBoost 1000c, GearBest PowerBoost, etc.).

So here’s how you would power your Pi 3 which is the same for all the models (Model B, Model B+, Model A+). The PP2 pad goes to the 5V+ output of your Power Supply and the PP5 pad goes to the GND output of your Power Supply. Use a wire that’s 24-26awg in size.

2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi 3: Wire It Directly From The Power Supply

  1. […] Before joining the adapter and Pi 3 together make sure you put any protection like kapton tape in between to avoid shorts. Solder the pin holes from the adapter where the bottom GPIO pins of the Pi 3 are located. Unlike the Pi Zero which can be powered directly from the GPIO pins, the Pi 3 is protected by a fuse so it’s recommended to power it via the PP2(5v+) and PP5(GND) pin. Here’s how you do it. […]

  2. […] For the Pi 3 just wire the data pins to the corresponding pins on the v3 controller board. Here’s how you power the Pi 3. […]

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