Game Boy Controller v1.1 PCB for Game Boy Zero / 3

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Game Boy Controller v1.1 PCB for Game Boy Zero / 3.

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This board is designed to work with Raspberry Pi projects like the Game Boy Zero / 3 or even the Game Boy Advance SP DMG mod.

Game Boy Controller v1.1 featuring:

  • Solder-friendly controller pads
  • Volume pot soldering pads
  • Built-in power strip
  • Improved contact pads


Additional Parts You May Need:

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Green, Black

11 reviews for Game Boy Controller v1.1 PCB for Game Boy Zero / 3

  1. sudoer

    Very easy to solder pads! Good job!

  2. Jacob

    I got mine yesterday and looks beautiful! Very solder-friendly indeed. I love the way the board was designed to include the volume and other power pads. It makes soldering so much easier.

    Nice job!

  3. T

    fast shipping. looks ez enough. i wish there was a diagram for the banggood power board tho

  4. harry57

    I got my board the other day. Took around 3 weeks I think. Board is pretty easy to solder on the connections and the volume wheel is now so much easier to connect. I love the diagram you made!

  5. Piboy

    I bought both the green and black they look great! Very sexy design! 😊

  6. AaronB

    Very well designed simple button boards for building GBZ. Just got my black v1.1 boards and they look awesome! 👍👍👍

  7. GaryRetro

    This by far has to be the best quality pcb buttton for Game Boy Zero i have ever purchase. My order shipped a day of purchase and was shipped no less than 12 days to the US. Great quality and would buy from again.


  8. Juros

    The black board is so sexy! 😍🤗 Hey thanks for the extra headphone jack!

  9. Eric

    Got my v1.1 boards. They look great! So excited to get started with my first build. Do you know where 2 get the glass screen?

  10. Andrzej

    Do I need to install some other software on pi after soldering buttons to gpios? Or they will work without?

  11. Gosha

    Beautiful GameBoy controller, but you can deliver this product to Ukraine?

    • tinkerBOY


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