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GearBest PowerBoost Pinout Guide

Here are pinout diagrams for the GearBest PowerBoost.



How to wire an SPDT slide switch:

5V and GND output goes to the power input on any of my tinkerBOY Controller board.

19 thoughts on “GearBest PowerBoost Pinout Guide

  1. Please tell me where to turn on the circuit breaker power?

    1. You mean where to wire the power switch?

    2. I have updated this post to include a diagram on how to wire an SPDT Slide Switch.

  2. Hi TinkerBoy

    Unfortunately Gearbest have discounted the powerboast. Any other similar products you can recommended? Thanks in advance

    1. Here’s a link from AliExpress:

  3. Can you solder the battery to either the top or the bottom? Also are there any dangers to know about the battery

    1. Yes you can do that. For the battery, don’t ever short or connect the positive (red) and GND (black) wires.

  4. Hi guys, how will the battery charge? Only when its powered on and plugged into usb? Will it charge with the switch OFF and plugged into USB?

    Thanks, gr8 work

    1. You can charge the battery whether 5v output is on or off.

  5. Do you have a guide when using the SafeShutdown board?

  6. Is it a bad idea to remove the USB 2.0 from the board? It sticks out a lot.

  7. Tinkerboy,
    Does this provide sufficient power to run a pi3 a+ , or pi zero w?
    My pi3 b+ runs off 5v 2a minimum or i get a warning.

    1. It all depends on devices you connect to the pi3. Most of the hdmi screens consumes more power while the DPI consumes less.

  8. Yo, i have problem … when i put 5V and GND on PCB … it doesn’t work … only if i put those wires to microUSB on Pizero … whats the problem with it?

  9. Can you use the charging port that’s already soldered on the power boost?

    1. Yes.

      1. So I have finished my build but when I try to use only battery power the build won’t power on have I not connected the battery correctly? And are you able to flip the image on the screen I had to put it in upside down and have tried in config file and had no luck rotating the display

  10. Never mind rotated the display but I’m getting thermal issues with the 3b+ amd I was wondering if I may have damaged my powerboost

  11. Hi, I’ve wired up as per diagram with slide switch but power is constantly on. Please help. Thanks.

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