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tinkerBOY PowerSwitch v1.0 Prototype #2 and Add-On Boards

With the issues on the prototype #1 I revised the PowerSwitch and included a microusb port for charging. My initial testing is looking good on both the boost and charging part.

The add-on boards are for the volume wheel and usb female port. One with builtin tactile buttons and the other without it for those who prefer other back buttons.

I will be testing them and will post update.

7 thoughts on “tinkerBOY PowerSwitch v1.0 Prototype #2 and Add-On Boards

  1. Just came across this post this morning, very interested to see how they work out and when they might be available.

  2. Looking to get 1 of these.. looking to be a

  3. Yeah Buddy!!! Been waiting for a power switch and USB board to finsh my build.

  4. Any news regarding the board?

    1. There’s just some delay issues with the parts I ordered online. I will let you know once everything is working great.

      1. Hey TB!

        Any more updates on this? Would love to hear more.

        Also, any plans on possibly doing a single All-In-One PCB? You’re at a point where you could pretty much offer one ala Retroflag vs. having all these separate tiny PCBs 😉

        1. Check my fb post at

          I will eventually make a true all-in-one controller board in the future. 🙂

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