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tinkerBOY PowerSwitch v1.0 Prototype #1

Got my pcb orders yesterday and was very excited to assemble one. Unfortunately it didn’t work on my first test. It’s abnormally consuming too much power around 1A without even a load on it and the output voltage is way below 5v. 🙁 I went to view the schematics again and found out that I connected some of the components wrong. So I tried cutting some traces and re-routed some of the components. I re-tested it again and this time the output voltage is 5.2v and consumption without load is just what I expected. It works! 🙂

Well, not really. Haha..? I read somewhere before that it’s very important to use short and wide traces for high switching boost converter but obviously I forgot to consider that with the design of my PowerSwitch. Eugene also mentioned something about this on my Facebook page. This is probably the reason why i’m hearing a high-pitched squealing noise when powering a Pi 3. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “tinkerBOY PowerSwitch v1.0 Prototype #1

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    1. Any progress on these????

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