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Wiring Diagram for the tinkerBOY USB Hub

10 thoughts on “Wiring Diagram for the tinkerBOY USB Hub

  1. And where 5V and GND from USB port and from HUB? to any 5V and GND pin on PCB? even occupied by another cable?

    1. Yes that’s correct.

  2. Can i solder 1 USB to pi zero? without using hub and using only D+ D- on the board? just to plug flashdrive with roms?

    1. The Pi zero only has one USB port for one usb device at a time. You can use this usb hub to a Pi zero if you want to connect 4 usb devices.

  3. Hi, Does the usb hub work the same as the 2 links below. I am looking to connect 1x lcd screen and 1x pro micro to the usb hub so i only have 1x usb cable going to the pc instead of 2.

    1. Yes.

  4. we need about 100 units to start. is that possible? we would take order in increments of 20 per month. what is cost?

  5. Is there any way to buy this without PayPal? Are there any distributors in the USA?
    Where is the USB shield from each device connected?

    1. Sorry, only accepting PayPal for now.

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