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QMK Firmware: Remapping and configuring your keyboard with Via or Vial

Via is a feature in QMK Firmware while Vial is a fork of QMK Firmware. Both via and vial enables you to remap keys in realtime. The main difference is that with Via you need to sideload a json file while with Vial it is already built in the adapter and does not need any sideloading.

There are 2 ways to remap or configure your keyboard with QMK in realtime:

  1. Vial – Download the Vial app or use the online app available at
  2. Via – You can use or but you need the layout file in json format.

If you have my tinkerBOY adapter with Vial support (only XT, AT, and PS/2 converters for now) then you can use any of the two. For Via only adapters like the tinkerBOY ADB and M0110 adapter, use Via method.

Layout files:

tinkerBOY ADB USB Adapter

tinkerBOY M0110 USB Adapter

All IBM XT, AT, and PS/2 USB adapters

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