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The tinkerBOY ADB to USB Keyboard/Mouse Converter uses the TMK Core Library so you can use your old Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) keyboards/mice (like the AEK and AEK II Apple Extended Keyboard) to a modern computer. It’s plug-and-play and and it does not need any special drivers to work. The connector is a mini-DIN 4 connector, identical to that used by S-video.

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The tinkerBOY ADB to USB Keyboard/Mouse Converter uses the TMK Core Library so you can use your old Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) keyboards/mice (like the AEK and AEK II Apple Extended Keyboard) to a modern computer. It’s plug-and-play and and it does not need any special drivers to work. The connector is a mini-DIN 4 connector, identical to that used by S-video.

Compatible with these Apple ADB keyboards/Mice:

  • Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard (Model A9M0330)
  • Apple Keyboard (Model M0116)
  • Apple Extended Keyboard / AEK (Model M0115 )
  • Apple Keyboard II (M0487)
  • Apple Extended Keyboard II / AEKII (Model M0312)
  • Apple Extended Keyboard II / AEKII (Model M3501)
  • Apple Adjustable Keyboard (M1242)
  • AppleDesign Keyboard (M2980)
  • Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh Keyboard (M3459)
  • Apple Desktop Bus Mouse
  • Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II

What’s included?

  • 1 x tinkerBOY ADB to USB Keyboard/Mouse Converter

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27 reviews for tinkerBOY ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) to USB Keyboard/Mouse Converter

  1. Clint

    I cannot believe I’m using my Apple Extended keyboard with my iMac. Thanks there buddy!

  2. Jeester

    Works perfect with my old AEK!

  3. Patrick

    I am typing this review from my circa 1988 Apple Extended Keyboard on my 2015 iMac – a 3-decade difference. 🙂 Thank you so much for your ingenuity with the electronics, and the simple, clean design of the device! Takes a while to ship to New York, but worth it.

    • tinkerBOY

      I’m glad you liked it. You’re welcome! 😊👍

  4. Chris

    Can I use this to connect my IIgs keyboard and mouse to a kvm
    I have on my desk?

    • tinkerBOY

      I have not really tested it with a KVM so I’m not sure if it works or not.

  5. Jared

    Worked first time with my Apple adjustable keyboard on my 2018 Mac Mini. I did have to widen the square hole slightly as you mentioned, but worked perfectly after that! Thanks for the awesome product.

    • tinkerBOY

      Thank you! Newer adapters don’t have that issue anymore and the female ADB connector already molded. 🙂

  6. Luca

    Well done! I received this ADB-USB converter today, in Italy 19 days from order, its works.
    The only problem is that my Apple extended keyboard II is QZERTY and the mapping is QWERTY. Probably I will exchange key fiscally, nobody have other suggestions? Thanks

  7. ysj

    Legit! The converter works. I bought an AEKII and I’m using it with my iMac!
    Dude is super prompt to reply and the shipment arrived despite the pandemic.

  8. Krzysztof

    I haven’t bought it yet so my rating right now makes no sense (but I cannot add this query without choosing it). Judging from what other buyers have written, it’s an excellent converter.

    Before I buy it, though, I would like to ask Luca (who commented on 27 March 2020) if he added in the Keyboard system preference “Italian – Typewriter” (which has the QZERTY layout) to Input Sources and if he chooses it while typing with his Apple Extended Keyboard II the resulting spelling still isn’t correct.

    The answer to these questions is important to me because I also have a non-English physical AEK II.

  9. Carlo Munguia

    I’m writing this review with an Apple IIgs keyboard after just receiving this converter.
    This is AMAZING.


  10. sal

    will this work with PC?

    • tinkerBOY


  11. Christian

    No issues connecting my german layout AEK to a 16″ MacBook.

    Cost me 80 EUR incl. shipping to Germany and customs but worth every cent! 👌

  12. Evan

    I’m in disbelief with how fast it arrived and how well it works- if I ever need replacement parts and controllers, I’m coming back to you first. Thank you so much!

  13. Tack_Tau

    Can we have another color option? (like beige/light grey to match the color of the origin apple ADB cable)

    • tinkerBOY

      Sorry, only black for now.

  14. John Pritchard

    Will this work with a Gravis Joystick (ADB) on Mac G4 & OS9?

  15. Gus

    I don’t have the product yet but could not find this in the documentation, is it bi-directional? Can I use it to plug a USB keyboard/mouse to my old mac?

    • tinkerBOY

      It’s just meant for an ADB keyboard to be plugged in computer’s USB port.

  16. Rob Lewis

    Maybe a dumb question, but does the keyboard’s Power On key do anything with modern Macs? What about the CD Eject key? (doing this from memory, so I’m not 100% sure my old AEK has these keys).
    This is plug-and-play with U.S.-spec keyboards, right?

    • tinkerBOY

      The Power Key does not do anything but it is used in combination with another key to go in to “bootloader” mode for remapping.

  17. Jesper

    I want buy it but first I do have a question, does this also work if you add a usb to usb c adapter? My Macbook only has usb C ports. So I add a usb c adapter to this converter. Thanks!

    • tinkerBOY

      Yes absolutely. In fact, I use an usb to usb c adapter on my Mac mini.

  18. John

    Ordered on Feb. 19 2021, received on March 5 2021, Northeastern US address. This adapter does exactly what it says – ADB to USB now allowing me to use my old Apple keyboard with the clacky keys (658-4081). Shipping was fast, and Tinkerboy emailed me confirmation for the order and spelled out the possible shipping delays coming from the Philippines, but is still came pretty quickly.

  19. JDW

    If I attach an ADB keyboard (i.e., the IIgs keyboard) to my modern Intel Mac, when I put the Mac to SLEEP and then type any key, will the Mac wake from sleep?

    • tinkerBOY

      Yes of course.

  20. Joshua L

    Very nice converter. My M0116 keyboard functions perfectly on Windows 10.

  21. Valentin

    Can I use this to connect my m0487 to a windows PC?

    • tinkerBOY

      Yes it’s compatible.

  22. Tom Jackson

    Not a review…yet..just a couple of questions.
    I am currently running a G3 with some software that uses a security dongle connecting inline through the keyboard cable via the ADB port. This computer has stopped working and has forced me to to switch over to a G4 that no longer has the ADB port.
    Can you think of any reason why this converter might not work for me?

  23. Bill

    Hi – I’ m looking to use an AEK with my Windows PC. I see here that the converter is compatible with the PC and that’s great! Will I be able to plug the USB into a USB hub?

    • tinkerBOY

      Yes it will work the same as plugging to a regular USB port on your computer.

  24. Eric

    Just a question— I have an older two ADB port converter but my AEK seems to drop keystrokes. Do you have any idea whether I will have the same issue with this adapter? If not, I’m totally in!

    • tinkerBOY

      If your AEK keyboard is not faulty then yes it should work without issues with my adapter.

  25. Daniele Arcomano

    Hi, just a question: do you know if the adapter works with the mac mini M1 Apple Silicon?

    • tinkerBOY

      I have not tested yet but i think it’s gonna work.

  26. Diogo Ferreira


    I’m thinking about buying a AEK2 but, as I’m portuguese it’s with portuguese layout.
    Is it possible to change the layout configuration?
    If so, do you ship to Portugal?

    Thanks and best regards,

  27. Edoardo

    Just received and it works great with my Apple Keyboard II !! well done!

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