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UPDATE: Covid-19 Impact on Shipping

I have just learned today that PHLPOST’s international shipment is still suspended “until further notice”. Although they said previously they will resume international shipment after April 30. I decided to stop accepting orders for now since I’m not sure when will PHLPOST resume normal operation. There’s a chance that the suspension will be lifted after the extended Philippines ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) period on May 15, 2020.

I will be accepting orders as soon as I can guarantee that PHLPOST resumes International shipment operation. I will be following the updates and will inform you as needed. In the meantime, you can subscribe to the item/product you want and I will notify when shipping is available.

Pending Orders

I wanted to wait until Thursday(April 30, 2020) but there’s also this issue with PayPal retaining transaction fees even when issuing a refund although it won’t take effect until April 30, 2020. So that means I would need to know now (before April 30, 2020) from you my customer with pending order if you want a refund or wait until I’m able to ship your order. Refunds after April 30th will have a negative effect on my business as I will also be paying for the transaction fees that PayPal has retained because of their policy change.

I ask for your patience and understanding in these difficult times. Rest assured that if you decide to wait I will ship all pending orders no matter when.

tinkerBOY (Giovanni Castro)

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Covid-19 Impact on Shipping

  1. How about DHL shipment?

    1. Too expensive from here.

  2. Any updates from PHLPOST? I’m a customer with a pending order and perfectly happy to wait, but curious.

  3. Hey, any update on the shipping? It’s after May 15th now. Thanks!

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