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UPDATE 3: Covid-19 Impact on Shipping

[May 29, 2020] UPDATE: I just found out a cheaper shipping option with FedEx or UPS. So let me know for a shipping quote.

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

If you missed my first UPDATE please read UPDATE: Covid-19 Impact on Shipping.

I want to update you on the current status of shipment of your pending order and my plans for moving forward during this uncertain time. As of now, PHLPOST’s International shipment operation is still suspended. This is probably because of Philippine Airlines’ Flight Suspensions Until May 31 although there’s a plan to resume their operation on June 1.

So while we wait for PHLPOST to resume their international shipping services, I would like to offer an alternative for shipping your order. I can ship via DHL but the cost will be a bit higher than usual. The current shipping cost from Philippines to US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, or any Europe countries is $61 minus of course the shipping cost you already paid. There’s also PayPal fees for Peso to USD conversion but I will just cover that. I know it’s a bit high and I hope you understand.

Stay safe and thank you!


13 thoughts on “UPDATE 3: Covid-19 Impact on Shipping

  1. Would the DHL option apply to a new order or will you take no new orders still?

    1. I will soon re-open my website to take new orders with DHL as the only shipping option. Let me just take care of my buyers with pending orders first.

  2. Thank you for the updates, I will wait until June 1st to see if they resume shipping. If it’s still uncertain and unknown I will contact you to probably do the DHL shipping. Thanks a lot. Stay safe and well.

  3. How is the shipping situation developing?
    It’s soon June 1st.
    I am interested in shipping to Europe.
    Take it easy.

    1. I’m waiting for an update too.

  4. Any update on PHILPOST?

    1. I will be doing an update soon just waiting for a few more days.

  5. Any update now that it’s past June 1st? Thanks for all that you’re doing!

    1. I will be doing an update very soon and just waiting for a few more days.

      1. Do you have an estimate of when my order from April 7 will ship? Thank you.

        1. I will send an update soon in a few days.

  6. Hello, can you estimate when phlpost will restart international shipping? I want to order one of your (beloved) AT/XT Converters 🙂 Thanks

    1. PHLPOST has actually resumed about 2 weeks ago but with a limited operation. 🙁

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