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My DIY ATMEGA32u4 Programmer

I bought some atmega32u4 only to find out that they don’t work on Arduino out of the box. You have to flash it with a compatible bootloader. So I made this diy programmer to burn the Arduino bottloader to the chips. Works great!

4 thoughts on “My DIY ATMEGA32u4 Programmer

  1. I dear, I have also tried to flash my Atmega32U4 chip using the same adaptor as yours.
    This is a 44TQFP to 40 DIP adapter and I am a little bit confusing about it`s pinout using an Atmega32U4.

    Could you please share the pinout with me or give me more details about your wiring to this adaptor?

    I also saw in your pictures that you are not using crystal on that. Is your chip the Atmega32U4 RC model, using internal oscillator?

    My chip is the AU model, that in the datasheet require an external oscillator to work.

    I do really appreciate your support/tips because i have already tried many ways with no success.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Sorry super late reply.

      I’m just using an Arduino Uno as an ISP Programmer to burn the bootloader to an ATMEGA32u4-AU chip using the above diy solderless adapter. The 16mhz crystal is wired underneath.

  2. You wouldn’t happen to want to post the schematic for this online? Ive been trying to burn an Arduino boot loader on an atmega32u4 for a while now, without any luck.

    1. You can build a simple board using the Arduino Leonardo schematic at

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