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Arduino: USB Gamepad

6-Button version:


10 thoughts on “Arduino: USB Gamepad

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  2. can you please post a wiring diagram from the microcrontoller to the button PCB?

    1. Which button PCB?

  3. What am I doing wrong here.
    The zip doesnt contain a valid library and the copied and pasted sketch wont verify

    its got to be me but i dont know what ive done


  4. Does this program have functionality for L2 and R2?

    1. Yes.

  5. Getting the same thing here. I copied the sketch but when I tried adding the library by the add library button it says “Specified folder/zip file does not contain a invalid library” on 1.8.10 Arduino. When I added manually and check the program the ArduinoJoystick library is greyed out. Any advice or tips? Thanks.

    1. The zip fil must be unpacked first. A folder inside is the library, not the whole zip file. Copy the lib folder to where you have other livs.

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